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St David is a small community located 7 miles from Benson on the way to Tombstone. Our friends and neighbors enjoy the warm Arizona sun, with annual temperatures averaging nearly 80 degrees for highs, and 45 for lows.  Folks here love the fact that they can't see the air they breathe! The altitude is about 3700 feet with an average rainfall between 11 and 12 inches. St David was founded in 1877. A handful of Mormon families moved from the north to settle the community in August, 1877. Farming and cattle raising are the two principal industries in the area. 

Benson is a much larger center which enjoys a rich American Indian heritage that is nicely blended with elements of the Spanish culture. There have been at varying times since Benson was founded in 1880 many highs and lows with regard to railroad, agriculture, missions, mining (copper and silver), and ranching. Transportation and trade have developed over the years to serve as an important foundation for the future. Tourism continues to expand, bringing many welcome visitors from the north each winter.


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